Saturday, June 8, 2013

My 99 year old friend

Yesterday, one of our investors stopped by to "take care of some business".  As it turns, out Connie was celebrating his 99th birthday!  He certainly doesn't look 99 nor does he act 99 - although I'm sure I know enough people that old to make that statement.  His daughter was with him.  She lives in California and flew in for the big celebration.

Connie's wife passed away a couple of months ago and he wanted to change some things on his account.  We took care of some of the business and then just visited.

What a delightful man!  He told me if I would come out to "The Pub" at 4:30, he would buy me a glass of wine!  His retirement home has a bar - love this concept.  Something to look forward to!  I asked Connie if I could have a rain check until we finalize our business and then I would come out.  He was so gracious and said, "of course"...  Can't wait to go see him!

Can you just imagine the stories he can tell me?  The things he has seen and experienced?  His thoughts on the world today?  He was born in 1914 - need to Google world events...  I'm just so excited to sit and just listen to him...

Mr. Connie - you are a gem and I am so glad you came to visit me yesterday.

Stay tuned.....

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