Friday, June 7, 2013

I got a new eye!!!

Cataract surgery this past Tuesday.  What a crazy day!  I am certain I was the youngest person in the waiting room.  There were these 2 little old ladies - I'm pretty sure neither one of them should have been driving.  The one that was having the surgery forgot to leave her jewelry at home, so the 2 of them were huddled up trying to get all of her treasures off and into a safe place - "you can never be too safe, Marge"....

The entire surgery took 10 minutes and I was in recovery for 10 minutes - it was like going to the 7-11 for an Icee...  My follow up apt the next day took longer!  LOL

It's an amazing surgery - I can see much clearer already.  Colors are brighter..

The only downside is I can't wear eye makeup for a week - seriously?  Have you taken a look at me without eye makeup?  It's like every day is a Saturday - just some foundation and lipstick.  I have shaved off about 15 minutes in the morning - I'm actually on time to work!

But seriously, I NEED my eye makeup.  Every time I go to the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror, I am thinking - crap, I forgot to put on mascara!  This is the absolute worst part of the entire procedure.  I need some glasses just to cover up this face............

I will have the other eye in 2 more weeks.  So, basically, I will be without makeup for an entire month. 

Stay tuned.............

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