Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Birthday Week

Last Thursday was my birthday.....  It was an unusual week filled with unexpected emails, Facebook posts and text messages.  I have never received so many birthday wishes.  It also gave me cause to think about the unexpected ways in which the internet has impacted my life.

I received over 125 posts on Facebook, numerous text messages, a dozen or so emails and even a few phone calls.!  Before the internet, I might have received a few phone calls or a couple of birthday cards, mostly from family. This year, I was overwhelmed with birthday wishes. 

The thing is, I sort of miss the personal phone call - hearing a voice.  Hearing the excitement and the singing of the Birthday Song - you can't get that "on the line"....  Is the exchange worth it?  Have we given up too much?  Are we sacrificing our abilities to communicate with one another?

Don't get me wrong - I loved each and every FB post, email and email...  It was lovely to hear from each and every one of my family and friends.  I was overwhelmed with the birthday wishes.  BUT, I still have to worry a bit that we are may one day never verbally communicate with one another.  Will we remember how to look someone in the eye and talk on the phone?  Land lines are already becoming extinct... 

So, on this beautiful first day of October, let's just remember some of the old ways should still be kept alive...  Call someone you love today.  Let them hear your voice, hear the inflection in your voice when you say hello....

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  1. I just read Red Dirt Sweetie's blog. You two are on the same wavelength, sister!

    As for me, I'm going to make a concerted effort today to look at people instead of machines. Thanks for the reminder.