Monday, March 10, 2014

Listen to Your Mother 2014

Yesterday, I attended the meet and greet for the 2014 cast of Listen To Your Mother OKC!  The director and co-producers graciously invited the 2013 cast to be a part of the day.  We had an absolute blast!

This year's cast is as diverse as the 2013 cast - kudos to Misti, Heather and Julie!  Cannot wait to hear the stories!

Best part for me was I got to see my 2013 cast members!  I absolutely and totally love these women.  If it hadn't been for LTYM, I would never met these women.  Ann Imig, founder of LTYM, has done such a wonderful thing!  Women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds come together to celebrate motherhood, but more than that, we celebrate being women!  It is truly empowering.

I used to say that men could bond much more easily than women - if you put a garbage man and a CEO of a large company together and they both play golf, poof - instant friendship.  Generally, women don't warm up to each other quite so fast!

LTYM is that kind of sisterhood...............

I am beyond blessed and humbled to be able to tell people that I am part of this troupe....

I am invigorated today - ready to tackle anything - my sisters have breathed life back into me again.  We laughed and cried together AGAIN....  Seems to be a theme here - have box of Kleenex - must be going to a LTYM event!

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  1. I am preparing my Kleenex for May 4. Can't wait to see you and the rest of the sisterhood!