Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A life-changing day!

Sunday, May 5, 2013 was a day unlike any other!  I was to read my story at the Listen To Your Mother show at the Will Rogers Theatre in Oklahoma City, OK.

I got up early - didn't sleep too well, drank some java, read the Sunday paper and cuddled up with my puppy.  Mark Harmon was on CBS Sunday Morning - I took that as a sign that everything would be fine today...  I'm sure I was married to him in another life....

AND, then the nerves started.  The girl that was supposed to come over and do my makeup cancelled.  Crap.  I couldn't find my sweater.  Crap.  My feet were swollen.  Crap. 

Thankfully, my hair stylist stepped up, drug her hungover butt out of bed and did my hair and touched up my makeup.  She even talked me into wear false eyelashes!

My dear friend from Dallas flew in for the show.  My sweet daugther picked her up at the airport.  They arrived and I just felt more nervous.

I looked at the clock and it was 11:50 - I was supposed to arrive at noon - Lord, what am I doing??
I put my flip flops on my fat, swollen feet (was I pregnant again?).  The fancy sandals went into my purse all the while praying to Sweet Baby Jesus that I would be able to squeeze those fat feet into those sexy sandals before going on stage. 

So I drive like a maniac and get to the theatre at 12:05!!!  Thank you again to Sweet Baby Jesus for not letting me get a ticket or having a wreck.

The second - no, the nanosecond I stepped into the Green Room, I was completely and totally fine!  I was worried about how I was feeling - where did the nerves go?  Was I such a rookie that I didn't know better?  Was I in shock?  Would I walk to the podium and immediately start shaking and just fall backwards?  I do have a habit of falling down - Oh God, please no - NOT TODAY.....

But, there I was with my new sisters - Misti, Julie, Heather, Mari, Suzanne, Amy, Brandi, Sheradee, Erika, Alexandra, Barb, Liz, Lisa, and Jennifer AND my new little brother, CW!  All was right with the world.  These were my people, my soft place to land, my cast mates.  We were in this together!  The hugs and the smiles made it all worthwhile.

We took pictures, drank smoothies, laughed and tried to soak up each moment because we knew we would never be in this exact place again.  It was truly a once in a lifetime experience.  We, this group, that had only known each other for about a month.  We had bonded for a lifetime and were already planning a reunion party at my house, complete with Granny's pies.

Mari gave each of us antique handkerchiefs.  What a fabulously thoughtful idea.  We all carried them on stage.  It was something to hold on to as we stood there before that wonderful audience and shared our stories.

The time on stage flew by - each one telling their own story.  Some were sad and some were funny and everything in between.  We all laughed and cried together, just as we had in rehearsal.  There were hugs and smiles like there always is with this group.

The story before me was very emotional.  How in the world am I going to follow that?  BUT, Misti the Wise One, was introducing me and made a little joke about my upcoming blog (the whole cougar thing is for another blog).  Just as I was headed to the podium, Heather leaned over and said "Gimme me an F"...  Thank you again!  These women knew just what I needed...  These women.....  These wonderfully, talented, honest, warm and loving women.....

The set was gorgeous - the theatre was incredible.  The audience was amazing.  They laughed and cried right along with us.  It was magic.

Listen To Your Mother has changed my life!  I am not a writer and this is my first blog.  This group has inspired me to write more stories, even if no one but me ever reads them.  I wouldn't trade this experience for anything!

Every person has a story to tell about being a mother, not being a mother, having a mother, or about the woman that played that role in their lives.  I am forever indebted to Ann Imig for the opportunity to share my story and for the privilege of hearing the stories of my castmates and the others across the country.

AND the next time Misti tells me that something is going to be lifechanging, I SWEAR I am going to believe her....  Swear.....

WOW - a ride............


  1. You were perfect up there. Just as I knew you would be.

  2. You did a fabulous job! And I so glad you have a blog now!! Welcome to the blogside, we have cookie recipes. :o)

  3. Carolyn! I'm so proud of you! Welcome to the blog world, you're going to love "having somewhere to put all your junk" as Misti told me. :)

  4. Thanks ladies! It's all because of YOU!!!!