Monday, May 27, 2013

Moore Tornado

As I sit here at my desk listening to Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton sing "Over You" which is dedicated to the Moore, OK tornado, it just makes me realize just how important my family and friends are to me.

Is it really important that I have a new pair of shoes?

Is it really important that I have a new coffee pot?

Is it really important that I remodel my kitchen? 

I have done of these things in the last month.....  I sort of feel guilty now when there are people that don't even have a place to live right now.

How do we get past these kinds of feelings?  I suppose time is the answer.  Time.....  That precious gift that I, like most of us, take for granted.

So, this weekend, I plan to spend some quality time with some of my best pals going to the Paseo Arts Festival.  We will laugh and buy stuff we don't need and probably enjoy some adult beverages...  These are the times I will cherish....

Hug your loved ones, including the 4 legged ones....

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